• Natural Gemstone “Black Obsidian” With “Labradorite” Anklet

    • “Black Obsidian” has been used since the paleolithic tines when it was used in wars to make arrowheads and other tools. Obsidian is shiny/ glossy and is made from the molten lava which cools down very quickly.
    • This bracelet is obsidian and has a rare phenomenon of displaying rain bow effect also called as “Black Rain bow obsidian” of any light is thrown on the beads some beads will display a sheen called Rainbow.
    • Obsidian is a very protective stone. It dispels any sort of negativity or blockages than cone in life. It someone feels that he / she has Scatered energies, they must wear it .
    • Obsidian is a great protective stone. It brings harmonious balance between your spiritual self and physical world of reality.
    • Ralph waldo emerson rightly said-“A man is like a labradorite spar , which has no lustre as you turn it in your hand unite you come to a particular angle , then it shows deep and beautiful colors”.
    • “Labradorite” come from a family of feldspar . It has a remarkable grey colour with flashes of peacock blue , green , yellow or copper colours which is a natural phenomenon .
    • “Labradorite “is called a re- generative stone or a “Stone of transformation” . It is an extremely good protective stone . It seals the aura and doesn’t let negativity to be absorbed by you . It is a stone of magic and brings about a change in a person’s views and opinions.
    • Since it is a stone of magic , many people believed it awakened a person’s awarenecss for self – discovery & destiny.

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