• Unique Crystal Dreamcatcher With Tiger Eye And Black Onyx

    • Tiger eye is a very effective stone for people suffering from fear, phobias or depression. It helps in healing people from psychosomatic illnesses.
    • Natural tiger -eye comes in shades of yellow -golden black streaks.
    • It promotes increasing an individual’s confidence and bringing about a balance in his/her life.
    • Stone of courage, as it is said. helps in dealing with fear & anxiety
    • Black onyx enhances focus, amplifies one’s intentions, black onyx enhances sensibility & clear thinking
    • Black onyx is a great protective stone and shields you from negative energies.
    • Black onyx is jewellery from such as bracelets often has a glassy shine. Black onyx has comparatively higher shine/ polish as compared to black obsidian.
    • Black onyx can be banded as well as solid black. Black onyx is found in Brazil, India, Madagascar etc.
    • Beautifully designed Material – gemstones

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