• Sandstone Ganesha carving, Crystal figurine

    Sandstone Ganesha

     1) “Sandstone” is typically orangish – brownish to reddish in colour. Upon tilting or moving the sandstone, the stone displays a glittery effect of yellow – green – blue. Sandstone can be translucent to opaque.

    2) Sandstone helps in activating all energy pathways and an all chakra heals. Sandstone promotes optimistic behavior and to strive for the light and bright things in life. It helps one feel alive and enthusiastic. Helps you feel “Life is Beautiful”.

    3) Sandstone helps in alleviating stress and sense of unworthiness. Sandstone works good for the base and the sacral chakra stimulating leadership, creativity, sexuality. It is a good anti – depressant . Rather promotes leadership & responsibility.

    4) Sandstone resonates with solar energy and this contributes to brightness, warmth and openness in life.

    Weight – 129.7 gm

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