• Natural Gemstone Smoky Quartz With Red Jasper Handcrafted Bracelet

    • Any natural smoky quartz will be light-brownish to medium -dark blackish brown. Smoky quartz natural Smoky quart is a beautuful grounding and an an choring stone . It is a stone for “decision -making and also called as the “stone of power.
    • Smoking quartz is considered as the national gemstone of scotland since the druids reverred this gemstone. Since it’s a stone for decision- making , it also aids in a balanced mindset when faced with chaos and confusion. In many areas , smoky quartz has been used to reduce the issues of addictions and calm / de- stress the mind from the agitation caused due to withdrawal symptoms .
    • “Jaspers” have been revered by a lot many ancient people and civilizations throughout the world as a sacre “Red jasper” is a very good grounding stone and resonates with lower three chakras of the body-The sacral, base and the earth chakras. Thus is helps in increasing desire and sexual compatibility.
    • “Red jasper” helps in raising the kundalini. It helps in connection with the Earth and brings about em “Red jaspers” are brownish- red in color with grey streaks of iron in them. It is found in India, Russia, Indonesia, Madagascar and Many other places.

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